To uphold our democratic values and ensure that every voice is heard by providing free voting rights restoration assistance to every Alabama citizen who has lost their voting rights due to a felony conviction.


Dori Miles, Voting Rights Restoration Volunteer, Greater Birmingham Ministries (GBM) 

Richard Fording, University of Alabama 

Tari Williams, Organizing Director, Greater Birmingham Ministries (GBM) 

Advisory Board

Blair Bowie, Campaign Legal Center

JaiGregory Clarke, Faith in Action Alabama

Olivia Davis, University of Alabama College of Law (Student)

Sydney Duncan, Birmingham Aids Outreach

Stephanie Hicks, Restorative Strategies, LLC

Maddie Minkoff, University of Alabama and UA Vote Everywhere

Sam Robson, University of Alabama and UA Vote Everywhere

Dana Sweeney, Alabama Appleseed

John Paul Taylor, Southern Poverty Law Center

Homepage Artwork

We are grateful to Eleanor Davis for generously providing permission to use her art for our homepage. Learn more about her and her amazing work here.

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