If you would like to schedule a live consultation with one of our voting rights experts, we can communicate with you through Zoom or via a phone call. Simply click on the link to our appointment calendar and select a date and time that works best for you. You will be asked to select an option for Zoom or phone call prior to completing your booking. 

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What Will Happen During My Consultation? 

During the consultation, we will review Alacourt, Alabama’s database of all civil and criminal cases, and determine whether there are felony convictions that have resulted in the loss of your voting rights. Additionally, the Alacourt review will inform whether any fines, fees or restitution remain outstanding on the conviction or convictions that have resulted in the loss of voting rights. With that information, we can discuss whether you are eligible to register to vote or whether voting rights must be restored first. If you are not eligible to have your voting rights restored, we can help you develop a plan to satisfy any conditions that are keeping you from restoring your voting rights.